September 22, 2014

Jubilee Project – 3 Dreamers Trying to Change the World

(By Jubilee Project)

Q: What are the names of the founders of the Jubilee Project? What month and year did it start? Where is each founder originally from? Where is each founder currently living?

We are Jason Y. Lee, Eric Lu and Eddie Lee. We started in January 2010. Jason and Eddie grew up in Overland Park, KS. Eric grew up in Boston, MA. Jason works in NYC, Eric is a student in Boston, Eddie works in Washington, DC.

Q: How did this project start anyway? What need/gap were you attempting to fill?

This project started when Jason made a video to help raise money for Haiti in 2010. We were trying to make videos to raise awareness for important causes that need to be raised on a public level. And so we combined our love for film with our passion for social justice to make The Jubilee Project.

Q: What is the vision?

Our vision is to empower, enable and inspire others to do good in their communities.

Q: How has the response been to this project?

The response has been unbelievable. We have been very fortunate to receive support from all over the world. And through our videos we have raised over 23 thousand dollars. We are blessed to have their support. We like to call our supporters, Jubileevers. [Read more...]

Konnect Magazine Interviews Pittsburgh Steelers’ Hines Ward

Hines Ward(A sincere thanks to the following people who allowed this special question and answer session to happen with Mr. Hines Ward: Carole W, Janet M, and Andrew R. Also, a special thanks to David Kim and Johan Hong for their support  as always.)

Out of the many organizations that you could have chosen to partner with for philanthropy, what are some of the key reasons why you chose Pearl S Buck International for your philanthropic work?

I chose Pearl Buck because I got a chance to meet the biracial children there on my first visit to Korea back in 2006.  Pearl Buck is the leading organization that works with biracial kids. When I visited there, I fell in love with the kids and immediately wanted to do all that I could to help them.

Can you share some of your experiences or thoughts of your involvement with the inter-racial children you encountered during a Pearl S Buck event?
[Read more...]

Saving Thomas Music Video – “Symphony” – Check ‘em Out at JAMA 2011

Photo by Jaeson Han

Take a quick view of Saving Thomas’ new music video – “Symphony”. I’m lovin’ it. Share it with your friends!

Ponder this: How come Koreans don’t have White or Black Friends?

(By Moses Yoon) If you read the title, you may or may not agree with this blanket statement. However, there may be some truth to this question that I’m introducing here. This question was in my mind after reading Pastor Tim Haah’s feature in November 2010. He asked the question of why Korean Americans have a difficult time achieving upper management positions in Corporate America. His reasoning was that Korean Americans may be having a challenging time inter-relating with non-Korean people from a cultural and professional perspective [Read more...]

Why do People Bring their Smartphone into the Bathroom?

(By Moses Yoon) The bathroom is a place of sanctuary. A place where nobody can talk to you, where silence is golden, where children can’t find you, where the spouse can’t ask you to clean the house and where you can get a moment of rest from the chaos of the entire world. The bathroom is your hiding place, an area where no one can bother you.

I love going to the bathroom at work. When I’m stressed, people are asking and demanding me to deliver this and that, the phone is ringing of the hook, and emails are piercing my eyes, I head to the bathroom where I am alone. Nobody will find me. Nobody can. [Read more...]