September 30, 2014

Fox’s Master Chef: Blind Vietnamese Chef Takes Part in Reality Food Competition

If you want to be inspired today (and you love to watch food competitions), I encourage you to watch this video about Vietnames chef Christine Ha, a 33 year old master’s candidate at the University of Houston.

She’s an avid cook who gradually lost her vision due to neuromyelitis optica (NMO), an autoimmune disorder that affects the optic nerves and spinal chord. She began to lose sight in 1999 and was completely blind by 2007. Her incredible story can be found on her website, The Blink Cook.

In this video, she competes in the Fox reality cooking show, Master Chef. Watch the way she competes. It’s a message to all that a disability should not prohibit any of us from doing what we love.

Ramen Noodles that even your Child can Safely Enjoy: Video on


In sticking with the whole ramen noodle topic, I came across a neat foodie website called Weelicious. It’s a food website with its tagline that states “fast, easy & fresh baby food, toddler food and recipes for the entire family.” Based upon my review of the website, much of its content is certainly focused on food for the children.

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How to Make Ramen Noodles Healthier – Drop the Sodium Packs for Goodness Sakes!

Ramen noodles MSG bad for you

What makes ramen noodles so bad for you anyway? How bad are ramen noodles? There are many articles out there that spit out a ton numbers and nutritional words that a normal person can’t even pronounce. Is ramen noodles bad for you? Of course. Let’s just get that straight.

I bumped into an article that describes how to make ramen noodles healthier than not. I liked the simplicity and practicality of the ingredients – something I believe I even can do in my own kitchen.

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What Ramen Noodles does to Your Stomach and Why Ramen is Bad for You

Ramen noodles bad for you

Ramen noodles is one of the more popular fast, easy, and tasty meals for many – Asians and non Asians alike – particularly for the college demographics. Here’s another video of how processed ramen noodles is digested in the human stomach. According to Dr. Braden Kuo from the Massachusetts General Hospital, the pill-sized camera shows pictures of how processed ramen noodles is digested vs. natural foods. 

Are ramen noodles bad for you? Yes, ramen noodles ARE bad for you.

Let’s just take a moment to see inside of your stomach on how the ramen noodles are actually broken down. Think twice before you eat this stuff!

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David Choe – the Unconventional Asian American Artist and Newest Facebook Millionaire

On Friday May 18, 2012, Facebook went public in one of the largest IPO launches in stock history. Not too bad for an internet company. Not only that, the number of millionaires is unprecedented, and David Choe is no exception.

If you’ve never heard of David Choe (I know, I know – you probably know about 3 other David Choe’s that you personally know of), he’s the newest Korean American Facebook millionaire. He’s not even an employee of Facebook.

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