September 16, 2014

Korean American “Girls’ Generation” Singer Jessica Jung Throws Worst Baseball First Pitch Ever – Do You Agree? Watch.


If you are a baseball aficionado, you may agree that the throwing form – particularly the pitching wind-up – was near perfect. But what you will about to see may make you cringe or crack up. You decide. At least the world in general got a good laugh at it. These videos are always a good laugh. She was a good sport after all.

Jessica Jung is a Korean-American singer and dancer best known for her work in the nine-girl group, Girls’ Generation. Escorted to the mound by two mascots of the Seoul-based LG Twins, Jung prepares her pitch with a long wind-up before unleashing her best heat. Source: Huffington Post

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Jeremy Lin: How this New York Knicks Christian Basketball Star Deals with Temptation


Jeremy Lin Temptation New York Knicks

Here’s an inside look into how the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin deals with temptation as a member of this team. As you can imagine, temptation lurks everywhere – for every man and woman. But think about what NBA players experience, playing at home and when traveling from city to city.

Jeremy Lin shares some insight into some of his deep rooted values and the things he witnesses during his traveling days. It’s also encouraging to read about the influence of his parents and his need for the Lord. 

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Marion Barry remarked “There are too many Dirty Asian Stores” in the African American Community – Racist Remark or No?

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Marion Barry, best known as the former mayor of Washington DC busted for doing crack cocaine in 1990, is on the news again. He’s now a city council member in the area.

Marion Barry had won his primary race a few weeks back for the city council position. In his victory speech, he stated “There are too many dirty Asian stores” in the African American community. This remark certainly caused some controversy.

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Jeremy Lin has Knee Surgery – Read his Facebook Question and Answer Session with Fans

New York Knicks Jeremy Lin knee surgery facebook q and a

Source: Jeremy Lin Facebook fan page


No more Jeremy Lin. No more watching of New York Knick games. I suddenly feel like I have so much time on my hands. If you haven’t heard, Jeremy the Great is injured and most likely out for more than 6 or so weeks. There is some sense that he may or may not make the beginning of the NBA playoffs – if the Knicks can hold on to the final spots of the Eastern Conference.

He recently had surgery to repair his knee, yet reached out to his fans to do a Q and A. Take a look at some of the questions below and see how Jeremy Lin responds. Another reason to follow this Asian American basketball player.

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An Inside Story about how a North Korean Escaped a Prison Camp – how he Survived and how he Escaped

Shin In Geun Escaped North Korea Link North Korea

Manchul Kim for the Guardian

If you are curious about the atrocities of hard-labor prison camps in North Korea, I’d encourage you to read this incredible story about In Geun Shin – born in North Korea and raised in a prison camp. The details of his story is fascinating, especially the way in which he lived his life in the prison camp.

Imagine living in a North Korean prison camp, day after day, year after year. There have been numerous articles I’ve read in the past about North Korean prison camps, and this one is definitely up there as one of the top ones. Please read. He actually escaped and lives to tell about it.

Support LiNKthe North Korea Crisis.

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