September 30, 2014

Video: Get to Know HeeJun Han, the Next Asian American Idol

Any HeeJun Han fans out there in American Idol?

I don’t know about you, but this guy is a riot! Every time I see him on TV, just seems like a long lost cousin – adorable, a bit quirky, sometimes too focused, and maybe a little sarcastic. But it’s the package – and him being Korean makes the American Idol competition a bit more appealing.

Want to know HeeJun Han a bit more? I found this Q and A article on the New York Post to be quite interesting…

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Video: “Chink in the Armor” – ESPN Steven A Smith’s Compelling Argument on the New York Knicks Jeremy Lin Ethnic Sensitivity

ESPN Steven A Smith Racism Jeremy Lin

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New York Knicks Guard Jeremy Lin Wears Faith on Wrist

Jeremy Lin jumps.

Jeremy Lin dunks.

Jeremy Lin steals.

Jeremy Lin passes.

Jeremy Lin scores.

Jeremy Lin turns over (eek!)

Jeremy Lin also does something else: he pumps – pumps his hands in the air.

If you looked closely at your television set or on the screen of your computer during a game, notice the wristband that he has on. You’ll notice a bright colored wristband on his right wrist. Next time you watch Linsanity on the courts, take a look.

Take a look at the wrist of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin and you may see something you haven’t before. Lin is sporting wristbands from Active Faith, an apparel company started by former professional basketball player Lanny Smith and Minnesota Timberwolves forward Anthony Tolliver.

The only other place items can be purchased is at, which was re-launched this weekend, and contact can be made via Twitter @Active_Faith. In Jesus Name I Play bands, like the ones Lin wears, can be purchased for $3. Among other items for sale: CrossFit shirts are $26, women’s yoga tights are $30 and hoodies are $45.

Lin was on board with wearing the brand before his newfound stardom. He has led the Knicks to eight wins in the past nine games. A former D-League teammate, Patrick Ewing Jr., introduced him to Active Faith. Source: USA Today

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The Christian Nerd High Five: Time Magazine’s Step by Step Explanation of New York Knicks’s Jeremy Lin and Laundry Fields Pre-game Ritual

On a previous post last week, I shared some insight into the New York Knicks’s Jeremy Lin and Laundry Fields pre-game hand shake ritual. And then, I bumped into Time Magazine’s step by step explanation. It was pretty neat to actually see hand-drawn pictures of Jeremy Lin and Laundry Fields opening the bible and doing their thing.

When you  view the step by step picture, hover your cursor over the picture and scroll to the right. Good job, Time Magazine, for explaining this peculiar pre-game ritual before every New York Knicks game. One comes to appreciate this ritual after having some clue as to what they do each and every time.

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Video of Digestive System: Why Ramen Noodles are Bad for You and the Bodily Harm of Eating Processed Foods

Ramen noodles.

All we Asians love it. We tend to eat too much of it. We know we shouldn’t eat it. But we all still do. We just can’t help it.

I love ramen noodles, but after watching this video of an experiment done comparing how the human stomach processes ramen noodles vs. Gatorade, it makes you think twice about grabbing those ramen noodles from the cupboard. Think twice folks. Ramen noodles are just oh so bad.

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