September 23, 2014

The Story Behind New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin and Laundry Field Funky Pre-game Handshake

During the pre-game, have you seen New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin and Laundry Field’s pre-game handshake? At first, I was like “What in the world is that? How corny!” I don’t know what your reaction was when you witnessed such a pre-game ritual between these two buddies, but Forbes Magazine published an article that describes the story behind the Jeremy Lin pre-game handshake ritual with Laundry Fields:

The original secret handshake is them flipping through a Bible, taking off their glasses, and tucking them away in their pocket protectors.

The second variation which was on display at the Lakers game is similiar: flipping through a Bible, taking off their glasses, tucking them away in their pocket protectors, but ends with them pointing and glancing upwards giving props to God. Source: Forbes Magazine

Linsanity continues.

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Chinese Virgin Eggs Cooked in Boy’s Urine – Now That’s What I Call Bizarre Food

Question for you: does anybody here enjoy watching the show Bizarre Foods? It’s a cable show starring food aficionado Andrew Zimmern. He’s one of those guys I’d love to spend one whole day with, eating exotic foods and talking about the uniqueness and bizarreness of the foods that we eat. If you never watched an episode, I highly recommend this show especially those who love food, all kinds of food. The show is incredibly enjoyable.

I’de love to contact Andrew Zimmern about a bizarre food that I bumped into recently – Chinese vigin eggs cooked in boy’s urine. Urine you say? Yes, urine, as in pee pee.

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Swiss Man Installs Wood Stove into his Volvo Car: Don’t Expect Him to Find a Date Anytime Soon

For some, the winter cold is something that one just accepts as the norm. Put on more clothes, turn on the heater, drink hot liquids, and move on with your life. For others, like Swissman Pascal Prokop, the winter cold is unbearable. He went a bit deeper and decided to install a wooden stove into his Volvo car. Really.

Europe is being hit by severe cold weather that started two weeks ago, and the continent’s deep freeze expected to continue until mid-February.

Still, that hasn’t stopped one enterprising man in Switzerland from venturing outside in his slightly modified Volvo. And by “slightly modified,” we mean he took a whole wood-burning stove and put it in his car.

Pascal Prokop, who lives in Switzerland, caused a minor internet stir when photos of his stove-car near Mettmenstetten, a town 25 kilometres south of Zurich, began to circulate on Friday. Source: National Post

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Heaviest (Largest) Baby Born in China: What a Bundle of Joy!


If you are into babies as much as I am, you are in for a treat. This past week, the heaviest baby born on the face of the earth – of all time – was born in China. How large? Try 15.5 pounds!!! That’s right. Imagine the agony, the pain, all the pushing…of the delivery. And then, “POP”, here comes the largest baby of the face of the earth. I gotta say – he sure does look like a cutie.

Chun Chun tipped the scales to a whopping 15.5lbs when he was born on Saturday in the Henan province of China, making him China’s heaviest baby on record.

Chun Chun’s 29-year-old mother gave birth to her record-breaking son just after the start of the Chinese New Year, which kicked off on January 23. Source: The Sun

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Joe Dresnok: The Story of an American GI would Defected to North Korean Right After the Korean War

You’ve heard about people in North Korea attempting to escape the North Korean regime. But the story I’m about to share with you is quite intriguing – the story of American Joe Dresnok, an American GI who defected to North Korean after the DMZ was established between North Korea and South Korea. 
What would cause an American soldier to make a conscience decision to cross the border into hostile territory? Read his story – the American who “escaped” into North Korea and decided to stay.

Here’s the incredible video of Joe Dresknok, the defector to North Korea.

Joe Dresnok could be the ultimate runaway. Growing up an orphan in Virginia, he kept running away from abusive foster homes. Then, as a soldier serving on the DMZ between North and South Korea, Dresnok did the unthinkable: in 1962, he ran through a minefield and defected into North Korea, where his unthinkable act led to an unimaginable life.  As Bob Simon reports, Dresnok has had for 44 years a mysterious isolated existence in that mysterious isolated country. No one outside North Korea has heard from Dresnok – until now.  Source: CBS News

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