October 1, 2014

First Thoughts on Asiana Airlines 214 Plane Crash and the Racist, False Names Broadcast by KTVU TV

According to subsequent news reports after the Asiana Airlines 214 plane crash, it was an intern who originated the false, racist South Korean names and delivered them to whomever was in charge at the KTVU television station and eventually was communicated to the world – the names of the South Korean pilots.

The false, racist names communicated were the following:

Captain Sum Ting Wong
Wi Tu Lo
Ho Lee Fuk
Bang Ding Ow

Thereafter, Asiana Airlines planned on possibly suing the NTSB and KTVU TV for defamation – Asiana Airlines may be suing.

This is laughable.

I wonder who the head PR person is at Asiana Airlines.

C’mon. You are telling the whole world that you are mulling suing KTVU TV for defamation while you have 3 of your customers dead and scores and scores laying in the hospital with broken spines, bones, and the like? 

C’mon. You are worried about your reputation based upon 4 silly names when your brand is being stratospherically battered by the fact that a South Korean pilot barely had any hours of experience flying a 777?

C’mon. You are mulling suing a local TV station when all of your efforts should be addressing injured customers in the hospital, who is responsible for this event, and mending your public reputation to the world?

The fact that Asiana Airlines is spending an inkling of their time to even address this silly issue (compared to the magnitude of the aftermath of those who perished and in the hospital) is an abomination.

C’mon man.

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