October 2, 2014

South Korean Pastor Creates “Drop Box” for Unwanted Babies

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This is an incredible story worth reading – the inspirational story about a South Korean pastor who opened an orphanage. In an attempt to save unwanted Korean babies, he even created something called aDrop Boxoutside the orphanage for those who want to anonymously give away their child to the pastor.

A Note on Suffering & Loneliness (By Kee Won Huh)

Suffering and Loneliness
Relatively speaking, I’ve suffered very little in my life. But with the suffering I have experienced, I’ve learned something of my heart, and I believe it’s probably true for most.

I’ve wrestled with the paralyzing fear that comes with waiting for certain diagnoses. I’ve also tasted a bit of chronic illness. And my life has on occasion been crippled by the anxiety and depression that hammers away relentlessly at the hearts and minds of those who struggle with illness or the possibility of it. When the imagination is left to its own devices during these times, it becomes a vicious tormentor that I would say is unparalleled in the human experience.

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Shoot Your Ladders: A Lesson on Judging Others (By Jessica Hong)

So as I’ve been in NYC for close to three months, I’ve come to an existential crisis. Haha, okay I only half kid. I’ve met many new, neat, cool folks but there is a dread in meeting new people in NYC because the conversation, without fail, always goes to…

Person A: “Where are you from?”
Me: I’m from Philly (Good conversation starter since “Fresh Prince of Belair” is often brought up. Sometimes people just start singing the song, “in West Philadelphia born and raised…” It stops there b/c they don’t know the rest of the words, haha – it’s okay, neither do I.)

Person A: “What do you do?”
Me: (Here is where my heart dreads the question) – I am an intern at a church.
Person A: “Oh…that’s awesome!” (The last part is to cover up the initial “oh,” haha).

Person A: “Part-time or full-time intern?”
Me: Part-time
Person A: “Oh.” (No “that’s awesome,” haha)

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Outrage, Despicable, and Inhumane: Forced Abortion in China

No words can express the outrage. 

Forced abortion.


Local authorities in central China’s Shaanxi province have suspended family planning officials who forced a woman to have a late-term abortion after photos of the woman and her aborted fetus circulated online, sparking a torrent of public outrage.

The woman, 23-year-old Feng Jianmei, was seven months pregnant when she was detained and taken to a hospital, where she was coerced into undergoing an abortion on June 2, family members said. Source: Wall Street Journal

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Jeremy Lin: How this New York Knicks Christian Basketball Star Deals with Temptation


Jeremy Lin Temptation New York Knicks

Here’s an inside look into how the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin deals with temptation as a member of this team. As you can imagine, temptation lurks everywhere – for every man and woman. But think about what NBA players experience, playing at home and when traveling from city to city.

Jeremy Lin shares some insight into some of his deep rooted values and the things he witnesses during his traveling days. It’s also encouraging to read about the influence of his parents and his need for the Lord. 

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