September 16, 2014

Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network – Where the Disconnected get Connected (By Teresa Armor)

(By Teresa Armor) Ever since my earliest days, I’ve searched for connections with other Korean adoptees. Until college, there really hadn’t been many, one or two here and there, but nothing that formed lasting bonds between us. Unfortunately college didn’t open up any new adoptee connections for me either – this was early ‘90s before the internet and long before Facebook and other social networking sites. Not surprisingly, in the past eight years, I’ve joined two adoptee groups – one being on Facebook where I can now count more than twenty Korean adoptees as my “friends.” I’ve probably met in person only five or so, but still, it’s quite an improvement on the previous tally of zero.

This result is mainly due to networking via the Korean Adult Adoptees of Central Pennsylvania (“KAACP”), also on Facebook, which is a smaller gathering of the larger group named the Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network, (“KAAN”). Both of these groups have expanded and essentially grown for me, my list of Korean adoptee friends that I previously could only count on two fingers. [Read more...]