September 30, 2014

To All Entrepreneur Wannabee’s: Watch Shark Tank on ABC

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Are you interested in starting your own business? Or perhaps you experienced an “ah-ha” moment for a unique service or product but never had the guts to jump off the cliff and make your idea a reality? A small percentage of entrepreneurs actually have the will to drive an idea for the marketplace to consume. Others (the majority of dreamers) just can’t justify the incredible sacrifice and bloodshed that one could possibly face in the long process.

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Korean American Founder of Morning Crane Tea: “Follow your Dreams no Matter what your Age”

Arthur Park Morning Crane Tea Korean Tea

Arthur Kyung Jae Park

Date/Year founded:
2011 – officially I began working on it in 2009


Your title/job role for your business/org/project:
Founder of Morning Crane Tea, a Korean tea and pottery business.

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