September 17, 2014

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Konnect Magazine Interviews Philadelphia Orchestra Concert Master David Kim

(By Moses Yoon and David Kim) Konnect Magazine had the privilege of interviewing Philadelphia Orchestra concert master David Kim. He is an incredible violinist and a product of Philadelphia. To view his wonderful talents, please view the embedded video!

Q: At what point in your early life did you realize that you were going to make music your career?
I started playing the violin when I was 3 years old.  But I really made my decision to make violin my life when I was 8.  That’s when I began studies with the teacher whom I would end up staying with through and beyond graduate school – Dorothy DeLay. “Miss DeLay” produced some of the greatest violinists of our lifetime including Midori, Gil Shaham, and Sarah Chang.

Q: How many hours a day are you practicing your violin?
Most days, I have at least 2.5 hours of rehearsal with my orchestra, not to mention an evening concert.  On top of that, I may do another 1 to 2 hours.  In terms of non-orchestral practice, it is very erratic.  If I have a big solo appearance to prepare for or a large symphony to learn, I can practice up to 4 hours or so.  But if I am on vacation, I can go a few days without touching the instrument.
[Read more...]

Should Korean Military be Voluntary? (By David Kim)

(By David Kim) By law all Korean male citizens are required to serve a 18 to 24 month duty in the military. Korean men typically serve their duty in their early or mid twenties. For those of us who are Korean Americans and that were either born in the states or immigrated when we were younger, we might not quite fully understand what the experience is like. However, for those who have served in the Korean military, it is a constant reminder of the ongoing tension between North and South Korea.

I had a chance to talk to a fellow Korean about his experience in the Korean military. For the most part he mentioned about how much he disliked it and how he would never want to go through it again. Even though every individual might have his own experiences, it seems as if most Korean males have a grudge against the military experience.

Due to this grudge there have been some cases of Korean men trying to avoid the required military service. One of the most famous cases involved pop star singer Yoo Seung Jun ( aka Steve Yoo). Steve Yoo was born as a Korean citizen and he even mentioned about how he was planning on serving the required military duty. Many people applauded him for representing his sense of pride and his willingness to go through what most of the Korean men do. However, he later changed his mind and wanted to apply for U.S. citizenship. [Read more...]

Hines Ward: Erase the Race – by David Kim

(By David Kim) After winning the Super Bowl MVP in 2006, NFL superstar Hines Ward jumped to international fame. His performance in one of the world’s biggest stage was heard all around the world, and even reached to a country where nobody even knows much about American football. A country that also served as his upbringing and roots, South Korea.

Just by looking at Hines Ward, one may never know that he is half Korean. Ward was born to a Korean mother and a black father. His father wasn’t around much during his childhood, so his Korean mother raised him mostly by herself. Before the Super Bowl, Ward never associated himself much with being half Korean or anything about the Korean culture. He just seemed like the typical black athlete. [Read more...]

After 2pm: The Highly Publicized Jay Park Redemption Story

(By David Kim) On September 5, 2009 a post from a MySpace account belonging to then 2pm member Jay Park was revealed. The post mentioned about a comment Jay made about his struggles in Korea and some of the frustrations that took place. The public somehow found out about it and it was leaked all over the internet media. It created a huge controversy and it ended up in Jay leaving the #1 Korean boy band, “2pm”. Many fans were outraged by the controversy and some even questioned Jay’s motives. [Read more...]

Why Korean Americans Choose to Teach English in Korea

(By David Kim) With the U.S. economy still in recession, many college graduates have been struggling to find any type of work. The uncertainty of when the job market will get better has led to some even considering options they might not have thought of before. One job sector that has seen a big boom is the teaching of English overseas.

We have seen a tremendous increase in the number of foreign English teachers in Korea the past decade. Few years ago the Korean government stressed the importance of privatized English education in Korea, and it has led to the significant increase of foreign English teachers. [Read more...]

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