September 20, 2014

My Expectations and Realities of Learning the English Language (By Chan Mi Pyles)

(By Chan Mi Pyles) Over the years, my motives, reasons, and purposes for learning and speaking English have changed drastically. As a ‘typical’ person who grew up in Korea, the reasons of wanting to learn the English language were not much different from others; that is, simply put, ‘to become someone great.’ However, those ‘WRONG’ reasons have thankfully been changed as I’ve spent about four years in the U.S. I’ve come to realize and learn that there’s so much more than just being successful in learning and speaking English.

People in Korea are literally “CRAZY” about English. Being able to speak ‘American English’ is such a privilege that almost everyone yearns to have. Many spend so much money on just ‘English education.’ People from a wide range of ages enroll in English classes and are so willing to pay “LOTS of MONEY” on English tutoring and classes at private academic institutes. Parents send their tiny little boys and girls alone to America for the sake of giving them an opportunity to learn the privileged language. People tend to judge each other depending on how well you can speak English since it shows how educated and sophisticated you are. [Read more...]