September 21, 2014

To All Entrepreneur Wannabee’s: Watch Shark Tank on ABC

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Are you interested in starting your own business? Or perhaps you experienced an “ah-ha” moment for a unique service or product but never had the guts to jump off the cliff and make your idea a reality? A small percentage of entrepreneurs actually have the will to drive an idea for the marketplace to consume. Others (the majority of dreamers) just can’t justify the incredible sacrifice and bloodshed that one could possibly face in the long process.

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MIT + Harvard Grad in Architecture = Cosmetics Entrepreneur

UNII Cosmetics founder Minna Ha didn’t always see herself starting her own business. Striving to stretch her creative capabilities, Ha ended up at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an architecture student – it was here where she got her first itch for entrepreneurship. The concept of not only creating a product, but also establishing a company seemed to be the perfect creative outlet. This desire followed her throughout her graduate studies at Harvard University where she continued to pursue a career in architecture.

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16 Year Old Korean Entrepreneur: “To Put it Plain and Simple, I Hated being an Average High School Student”

Arnold Byun

Name of business/organization/project:  
AB Corporations

Your name: 
Arnold Byun

Date/Year founded: 
July 2011

Seoul, South Korea 

Your role for your business: 
Founder & President

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Want to be an Entrepreneur? An Insight of What to Expect (By Ashley Payne)

(By Ashley Payne) No one knows but you. When you decide to become an entrepreneur, you’ll never be short on opinions from other people. “That doesn’t make sense.” “That sounds like an excellent idea!” “Why would you do that?” “You should think about doing this…” Everyone has their own ideas at what can help you become successful. Your reaction to this could be many different things, annoyance, appreciation, confusion. At first I thought, “hey, don’t you think that I know how to run my own business?” Then sometimes, “wait, am I doing something wrong?” Yet at other times, “that idea would never work.” Then six months later, I realize that it’s a great idea and use it.

Over time, you’ll relax when you hear these things. You settle in to what you’re doing, become more confident, and carefully consider what people suggest. You’ll probably realize (as I did) that people make all of these suggestions because they honestly want to help you. People know that the life of an entrepreneur is incredibly risky. It’s something that they may never want to do, but they admire you for your efforts. [Read more...]

My Guarantee on how You can One Day to be as Wealthy as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

(By Moses Yoon) Mark Zuckerburg, on paper, is worth 13.5 billion dollars. According to Forbes magazine, he is one of the wealthiest persons on planet earth under 30 years old. We all know him as the boy wonder, Harvard dropout, founder and CEO of Facebook – the 800-pound social network website.

You probably clicked on this story to find my secret to how in the world I can guarantee such a claim – that you can one day be as rich as Mark Zuckerberg. If so, please read on.

I believe that many people strive to be wealthy – some people have a goal in life to make over an annual six figure salary in their lifetime. For them, they’d consider themselves wealthy if they see anything over $100,000 on their offer letter of employment.

Others consider themselves wealthy if they have over $1,000,000 in net assets – the total value of their home, retirement account, stocks and bond holdings, and other savings in their accounts. People who have anything over $1,000,000 in assets may consider themselves as wealthy.

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