September 17, 2014

It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish (by Andy Park, Founder of KrapyDNA)

I saw this video on ESPN the other day and was really inspired and challenged by it. The senior captain of San Francisco University high school, Holland Reynolds, became so dehydrated during her state championship cross country race that she fell over a few meters shy of the finish line. She ended up crawling her way to the finish and clinching the championship for her team. What’s more inspiring though is that she did it for her coach Jim Tracy, who was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease earlier in the year. 

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The Racist Landscape Surrounding Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin Time Magazine
As of late, Linsanity seems to have come back down to earth. Frankly, that was to be expected. At the end of the day, the Knicks have issues that go well beyond Jeremy (e.g. coaching, player chemistry, and so on), and Lin is still a young player with a lot to learn. Indeed, he is a great player. The flashes of brilliance he displayed during his initial run simply would not have been possible unless he had the raw skills to back it up. But now that the competition has gotten wind and the Knicks superstars have comeback, Lin will have to mature and adapt. In the years to come, I am confident Jeremy will rise to the challenge, especially considering the type of adversity he’s faced his entire life.

And speaking of adversity, that leads me to the purpose of this post. At the peak of all the Linsanity, it became clear to the world that there was a dark side to it all.  Of course, Lin always knew the shadow side was there—he lived it his entire life. But America is being educated on the fly, and, in many respects, you can tell. Lin exposes a racism so deeply entrenched that many in our country don’t even realize it’s there. In fact, many, it would seem, are unwitting bigots. [Read more...]

Video: “Chink in the Armor” – ESPN Steven A Smith’s Compelling Argument on the New York Knicks Jeremy Lin Ethnic Sensitivity

ESPN Steven A Smith Racism Jeremy Lin

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