September 23, 2014

Julie Yoon: My Delicious Journey to the Web

(By Julie Yoon) I never thought I’d be someone on youtube, but here I am today, making videos and teaching others to cook.  I started cooking when I was in elementary school because my older sister would make me play “restaurant” with her.  She’d be the customer, and I would have to cook whatever she wanted, whether it was ramen, spaghetti-o’s, or Kraft macaroni and cheese.  Funny – we never took turns being the customer.

Years later, I found myself to be a dissatisfied and grumpy young adult, constantly hopping from job to job.  I was working as a fashion designer, but kept moving back and forth from Pennsylvania to New York, and quitting jobs like a psycho.  I just figured that I wasn’t happy with the city I was living in, or the company.  Never once did I possibly think that I was in the wrong industry.  I’d come home miserable and stressed out everyday, and my only solace would be watching the Food Network.

One day, my sister told me about an open house at the French Culinary Institute in New York City, and asked me if I wanted to go check it out with her. It was there that we watched a demo given by a chef who said she used to be in fashion design, but was unhappy, so she eventually decided to become a chef instead!  I was hooked.   [Read more...]

Korean Restauranteur: Korean Food that is more than just a Meal

ktownbbq Sammy Chon KTownBBQ Korean Food Asian Food
(By Sammy Chon of Sammy Chon’s KTown BBQ)

Q: What fears did you face when starting a restaurant during the Great Recession of 2009?
My fear was if I made the wrong decision to start this business especially during these difficult financial times. Maybe I chose the wrong location or I am overpaying for the rent. When you have a family, you worry about not being able to provide for your wife and children. [Read more...]

Why Koreans are Obsessed with SPAM

Spam Why Koreans Are Obsessed with SPAM
(By Moses Yoon) There are some known facts
when entering a Korean home. Open the fridge or pantry. You’d obviously see a big bottle of kimchi, gochujang (red chili paste), and SPAM. Not just one can of SPAM, but multiple cans stacked up one by one on top of each other. What’s so special about SPAM that causes Korean people to buy so many of these at the Korean supermarket (or at your local Acme supermarket)?

I write about SPAM because I love SPAM. I was introduced to SPAM when I was in middle school when my mother cooked up some spicy [Read more...]

Ramen Noodles: Why Ramen is Detrimental to your Health

neoguri Ramen noodles: Why Ramen Noodles Are Harmful for your Health

(By Moses Yoon)Ah, admit it. You are tempted. You eye it when you’re shopping at the Korean supermarket. You sneak it into the shopping cart when your spouse isn’t watching. I’m referring to the almighty killer of foods, the ramen noodle. Some popular examples are Shin Ramen and Neoguri. No doubt, we’ve all eaten them, but I’d like to take a brief moment to reveal the truth about the health risks of eating ramen noodles. Perhaps this information may prevent you from sneaking another pack of ramen noodles into your shopping cart as I usually do. We love this food, but let us take a moment to unwrap its contents. [Read more...]

Korean Food: Why Koreans Eat Dog

(By Moses Yoon)I’ve always wondered why Koreans eat dog meat. If you were caught eating dog meat here in America, we’d all probably see you on the 11 o’clock news with police escorting you to prison. However, if you’re eating dog in South Korea, it wouldn’t be nearly as big of a deal. So the question is: Why DO Koreans eat dog?

Thousands of years ago, Korean people had mostly depended on crops for their diet, not raising many pigs, chickens, or any other meat animals. Cattle had been valuable working animals for farming, and eating cow wouldn’t be the wisest thing to do – the cows were the ones who helped out with the farming. [Read more...]