September 23, 2014

Watch this Viral Video – Would you have ever done Something like this? (By Sohyun Boo)

(By Sohyun Boo) I was watching this viral video below laughing and thinking to myself, what kind of crazy things have I done?  Would I have the guts to do such a thing like this?

I can say that the most recent crazy thing I did was during Hurricane Irene.  For the last several months, I have been involved in a sport called Stand Up Paddleboarding, aka SUP.  This is an ancient means of transportation used by native Hawaiins and islanders that essentially developed into the sport of surfing, and has recently made a resurgence in modern times, thanks especially to big wave surfer/SUPer, Laird Hamilton.  You can youtube him and see the amazing skills he has on a board. [Read more...]