September 18, 2014

Bye Bye Jeremy Lin – Welcome to Houston (Watch Top 10 Plays of Jeremy Lin as a New York Knick)

Houston, we don’t have a problem anymore.

After releasing Lin this past year, you must have been in extreme pain and regret when Linsanity was born in New York. You watched, in agony, as Jeremy Lin captured the world, literally. You realized that Jeremy Lin wasn’t just an Asian American wannabee basketball player from Harvard University. You quickly realized that you didn’t give the man a sliver of a chance.

I commend you, Houston, for redeeming yourself – by taking a big chance on this relatively “small” man. Second chances rarely presents itself, and you aggressively pursued Linsanity for what its worth – millions in ticket sales, jersey sales, and exposure of your team, the Houston Rockets.

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Jeremy Lin: How this New York Knicks Christian Basketball Star Deals with Temptation


Jeremy Lin Temptation New York Knicks

Here’s an inside look into how the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin deals with temptation as a member of this team. As you can imagine, temptation lurks everywhere – for every man and woman. But think about what NBA players experience, playing at home and when traveling from city to city.

Jeremy Lin shares some insight into some of his deep rooted values and the things he witnesses during his traveling days. It’s also encouraging to read about the influence of his parents and his need for the Lord. 

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Jeremy Lin has Knee Surgery – Read his Facebook Question and Answer Session with Fans

New York Knicks Jeremy Lin knee surgery facebook q and a

Source: Jeremy Lin Facebook fan page


No more Jeremy Lin. No more watching of New York Knick games. I suddenly feel like I have so much time on my hands. If you haven’t heard, Jeremy the Great is injured and most likely out for more than 6 or so weeks. There is some sense that he may or may not make the beginning of the NBA playoffs – if the Knicks can hold on to the final spots of the Eastern Conference.

He recently had surgery to repair his knee, yet reached out to his fans to do a Q and A. Take a look at some of the questions below and see how Jeremy Lin responds. Another reason to follow this Asian American basketball player.

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Jeremy Lin and Laundry Fields both Explain their Secret Handshake

A post was created here before on Konnect Magazine on the secret handshake between Jeremy Lin and Laundry Fields. It’s not a secret anymore as there have been countless articles written by others explaining the handshake.

Now, here’s the explanation of their handshake explained to all of us by Jeremy Lin and Laundry Fields themselves! Pretty neat to see them explaining this pre-game ritual.

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2012 Missions Madness Basketball Tournament – May 5th, 2012

Missions Madness 2012 New Mercy Community Church

Now that March Madness is nearing its end, it’s time to start thinking about a tournament y’all can actually participate in!  On May 5th, New Mercy Community Church (Hackensack, NJ) is hosting its annual Missions Madness basketball tournament to raise funds to support its missionaries.

Missions Madness is one of the largest basketball tournaments in the tri-state area.  Held at the famous George and Phyllis Rothman Center (a massive complex featuring four full-sized courts), the tournament is a top-level experience.  Each year, the stadium is packed with hundreds of participants and spectators, so the atmosphere is highly-charged and exciting.  Round this off with two hired professional referees per court, and you have a tournament where everyone can have a great time. (Check out photos from past Missions Madness tournaments by visiting the photo gallery).

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