September 16, 2014

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Shoot Your Ladders: A Lesson on Judging Others (By Jessica Hong)

So as I’ve been in NYC for close to three months, I’ve come to an existential crisis. Haha, okay I only half kid. I’ve met many new, neat, cool folks but there is a dread in meeting new people in NYC because the conversation, without fail, always goes to…

Person A: “Where are you from?”
Me: I’m from Philly (Good conversation starter since “Fresh Prince of Belair” is often brought up. Sometimes people just start singing the song, “in West Philadelphia born and raised…” It stops there b/c they don’t know the rest of the words, haha – it’s okay, neither do I.)

Person A: “What do you do?”
Me: (Here is where my heart dreads the question) – I am an intern at a church.
Person A: “Oh…that’s awesome!” (The last part is to cover up the initial “oh,” haha).

Person A: “Part-time or full-time intern?”
Me: Part-time
Person A: “Oh.” (No “that’s awesome,” haha)

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Timoteo: Community, Faith, and Football (By Garam Yun)

(By Garam Yun) As a recent undergraduate, I’ve often felt a yearning to belong in a close-knit community. I miss the familial manner in which I went about daily life back at campus, often meeting up with friends for a quick bite in between classes and reconvening with my roommates once a week to share our weekly highlights. Since moving back home and entering what most people title post-college life, aka ”the real world,” I’ve gravitated toward my Christian roots and searched to quench my desire for companionship within a body of believers at Calvary Vision Church (CVC) in Blue Bell, PA.

Like most other life lessons, I’ve discovered the value of authentic charity without planning for it. This real commitment to others— I’ve learned from the dedicated leadership of my pastors and fellow church and community members. While I had my own intentions of attending my church to engage in meaningful friendship, I received another gift of meeting inspirational individuals equipped with a real sense of caring for the needs of others.

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A Letter to my Son: Look at Your Life from Now until Eternity (By Moses Yoon)

(By Moses Yoon)

Dear Son,

You make me proud. I’m the proudest dad there is. You crack me up, and we laugh like crazy.  We’ve been wrestling in something called a moon-bounce recently – it’s this bouncy thing where kids go inside and bounce around. We play this game called “King of the Hill” where the stronger one throws the other outside of the moon-bounce – the object of the game is to be the last one inside the moon-bounce. We like to roar at each other like Symba from the Lion King movie. We are like little children (you and me). It’s utter bliss.

I’m not sure why I wrote the above, but I guess I just want to remember some of the great times we had this past week. I hope that I never forget these precious moments, but I’m bound to forget because I have a very bad memory. Ask your mother.

Anyway, somebody on Facebook shared a YouTube video of a pastor named Francis Chan giving a message. When you get a chance, my son, take a look at this 4 minute video below. I know you can’t really read right now at your age, but one day, you will. I hope that you will soon bump into this article, and I most certainly hope that you take a look at this video and what it’s trying to convey. [Read more...]

Why I Decided to Stop Reading this Bible on Sundays (By Moses Yoon)

(By Moses Yoon) I love church.

There is nothing better than people coming together to worship Christ, fellowship with others, and reflect upon one’s inner self. It is some deep, profound stuff I’m talking about here.

I also love the iPhone.

It is probably the most important digital gadget that I need and depend on the most – a to-do list, calendar, email, texting capabilities, internet, and  the bible app.

Recently, I’ve been noticing a very disruptive trend during the Sunday worship service. The pastor would ask the congregation to open the bible to a particular chapter and verse(s). So I do – I’d turn on my spify iPhone and click on my Bible app.

(Bible app is loading) Pastor begins to read the verses.

(Halfway through his reading, the bible app finally takes me to the book via the iPhone app.) I then click on the chapter. [Read more...]

Korean Church Planter: The Metamorphosis of a Church Community (By Pastor Young Kim)

Pastor Young Kim - Grace Covenant Church(By Pastor Young Kim)

Grace Covenant Church (GCC) was founded in September 1996 with the purpose of reaching the campuses of the Greater Philadelphia area for Christ. At the time, there were just eight of us, including my wife and my one year-old daughter, embarking on this journey. I had no idea how to plant a church. Yes, I certainly had read books on church planting, but the more I read, the more I found out how wrong I was going about it. For example, most church planting books will tell you that you need to start with a healthy core group of members and to start planning at least six months to a year in advance.

We also had almost no financial backing. Because we were planting an independent church, we did not have any denominational support. On top of all this, during that first year, the only place that would allow us to use their facility was a church in North Philadelphia. So here we were, a church trying to reach the campuses, located nowhere near any actual college campus. I felt the only way that this church was going to survive and succeed would be by the grace of God and the promise that He had called me to plant a church. This is why I named our church Grace Covenant. Even to this day, it is the grace and covenant of God that has allowed GCC to exist and flourish. [Read more...]

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