October 1, 2014

Mashable Shares Interesting Info on PSY – “Gangnam Style” Surpasses 100 Million Views on YouTube

Gangnam Style PSY

A very interesting article was published by Mashable regarding PSY and Gangnam. It provides random information such as how the “Gangnam Style” video ranks with other top viral videos on YouTube, what entertainment management company oversees the PSY operations, “Gangnam Style” iTunes downloads, and more.

Good job by Mashable and its sources by bringing this information together.

Here is the Mashable article of interest.

PSY Gangnam Style: The Unlikely International Sensation

If you’ve never heard PSY or seen PSY’s “Gangnam Style” music video, you are living in the 20th century as some of my friends are. Surprisingly, a good number of my friends have never even seen the “Gangnam Style” video. 

When I watched the video for the first time, I wasn’t too impressed. Perhaps it was because of the ridiculous nature of the music video or because I didn’t understand any of the Korean innuendos that was being communicated. In other words, I didn’t have a clue what was being said nor what the man was even singing (since the words were in Korean, and I’m not that great in understanding the Korean language especially since it was being used in music lyrics). 

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Korean American “Girls’ Generation” Singer Jessica Jung Throws Worst Baseball First Pitch Ever – Do You Agree? Watch.


If you are a baseball aficionado, you may agree that the throwing form – particularly the pitching wind-up – was near perfect. But what you will about to see may make you cringe or crack up. You decide. At least the world in general got a good laugh at it. These videos are always a good laugh. She was a good sport after all.

Jessica Jung is a Korean-American singer and dancer best known for her work in the nine-girl group, Girls’ Generation. Escorted to the mound by two mascots of the Seoul-based LG Twins, Jung prepares her pitch with a long wind-up before unleashing her best heat. Source: Huffington Post

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Speak Better Korean (By David Kim)

(By David Kim) So if you’re someone like me, a 2nd generation Korean-American born and raised in the states, learning to speak better Korean may be somewhat of a challenge. Most of us probably know the basics of the Korean language and have spoken it enough to communicate to our parents. But how many of us can really speak the language fluently enough with little or no flaws?

I know for myself I was fortunate enough to attend Korean language school at church – and also my parents consistently spoke Korean to me. I was able to pick up the language quite fast and was able to speak pretty fluently at a young age. However, I still encounter times when my speaking hits a brick wall and I have no idea what I am saying. I cannot say that I am a perfect, fluent Korean speaker at this moment, but I am still trying to improve it in little ways. I am hoping to improve enough so that I can one day engage in a long conversation without having to hit those brick walls. In my process of learning to speak better Korean, I’d like to suggest some pointers to assist in those attempting to enhance their Korean speaking skills.

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Moses Yang: Korean Tenor Opera Singer

(By Moses Yang)

Q: You are an opera singer. Did you want to sing opera when you were a child? What sparked your interest in opera?

Like most normal kids, I wasn’t particularly interested in opera or classical music at first. Though it’s probably still true today, I think it’s because I didn’t have chances to listen to those kinds of music. Therefore (so), it’s really important to have good experiences with classic music from childhood. But I always liked to sing- from children songs to Korean pops, American pop songs…I was interested in all kinds of music and liked them very much. The reason I came to major in opera was just because I could learn and sing the songs that I liked, not particularly because I loved classical music. It was only when I got to learn opera and classic music as a major that I came to fall in love with them. It was almost like a realization “oh, there’s a reason why this song became ‘The Classic’…”

Q: What did your Korean parents say when you wanted to be a professional opera singer? Were they supportive/disappointed? How did they react?

Like most other parents, of course they were very concerned or even worried when I first told them I wanted to major in vocal music. It was because they thought it’s hard to make a living with vocal music. However, once they knew that I was determined and had talent, they became completely supportive. Now that I think about it, despite our insufficient family finances or circumstances, God has opened up many doors for me to continue studying music by providing many devoted teachers. [Read more...]