September 22, 2014

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Mashable Shares Interesting Info on PSY – “Gangnam Style” Surpasses 100 Million Views on YouTube

Gangnam Style PSY

A very interesting article was published by Mashable regarding PSY and Gangnam. It provides random information such as how the “Gangnam Style” video ranks with other top viral videos on YouTube, what entertainment management company oversees the PSY operations, “Gangnam Style” iTunes downloads, and more.

Good job by Mashable and its sources by bringing this information together.

Here is the Mashable article of interest.

PSY Gangnam Style: The Unlikely International Sensation

If you’ve never heard PSY or seen PSY’s “Gangnam Style” music video, you are living in the 20th century as some of my friends are. Surprisingly, a good number of my friends have never even seen the “Gangnam Style” video. 

When I watched the video for the first time, I wasn’t too impressed. Perhaps it was because of the ridiculous nature of the music video or because I didn’t understand any of the Korean innuendos that was being communicated. In other words, I didn’t have a clue what was being said nor what the man was even singing (since the words were in Korean, and I’m not that great in understanding the Korean language especially since it was being used in music lyrics). 

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Korean American “Girls’ Generation” Singer Jessica Jung Throws Worst Baseball First Pitch Ever – Do You Agree? Watch.


If you are a baseball aficionado, you may agree that the throwing form – particularly the pitching wind-up – was near perfect. But what you will about to see may make you cringe or crack up. You decide. At least the world in general got a good laugh at it. These videos are always a good laugh. She was a good sport after all.

Jessica Jung is a Korean-American singer and dancer best known for her work in the nine-girl group, Girls’ Generation. Escorted to the mound by two mascots of the Seoul-based LG Twins, Jung prepares her pitch with a long wind-up before unleashing her best heat. Source: Huffington Post

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Kollaboration New York City: September 29th, 2011 @ Irving Plaza (By Kollaboration NYC)

(By Kollaboration New York, NY)–Kollaboration New York (KNY) announced on Monday that L.A. based rapper, Dumbfoundead will host the annual talent show on September 29, 2011 at Irving Plaza. Dumbfoundead will also provide a guest performance in addition to the impressive lineup of competitors that will perform throughout the evening.

TriangleOffense (@trioffensemusic) Electrohop Band
MitchellGrey (@ mitchellgrey) Pop/Rock Band
TheWantedAshiqz (@wantedashiqz) Bollywood/Fusion DanceTroupe
RooftopPursuit (@rooftoppursuit) R&B/Rock Band
ChristinaLoveLee (@xtinalovelee) Singer/Songwriter
ElijahPark (@elijapark) Singer/Songwriter

We are sad to announce that one of our original competitors, Virtru, will no longer be a part of lthe lineup due to scheduling conflicts. Thus, we are in the midst of looking for another competitor to fill our seventh slot. The winner of KNY will not only walk away with $1000 in prize money and earn the title of New York’s premier Asian American performer, but will also open for rising singer/songwriter and Kollaboration Los Angeles 2010 winner, ClaraC, at her highly anticipated New York City concert at Highline Ballroom on November 12. The competition will be judged by a panel of Asian American tastemakers in music and entertainment, who will be announced in coming weeks. [Read more...]

Korean Hip Hop Artist: Decipher this kind of Music

Decipher Korean Asian Hip Hop Artist
(By Newton Spiers; Decipher Music)
Born Danny Chung and raised in Philadelphia, Decipher experienced more ups and downs in his youth than many go through in a life time. To call his family broken would be a huge understatement. Conceived by a woman he would grow up calling “aunt” and a man that may have fathered him but was never a father, his biological mother was left with no choice but to give him up to be raised by her sister. [Read more...]

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