September 18, 2014

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Texas Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church Stages a “S-e-xperiment” to Encourage Married Couples to have S-E-X More Often

If you are part of a church that regularly preaches about marriage and s-e-xual intimacy, you are in the minority. When you hear the words “s-e-x” and “church” used in the same sentence, perhaps you feel a sense of embarrassment or discomfort. Perhaps you aren’t used to such topics discussed in the church setting.

Let me introduce Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. He’s not an expert (professionally) in the topic of s-e-x per se, but he does introduce the importance of s-e-x and intimacy within the marriage context. He and his wife recently authored a book named “S-e-xperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse.” He challenged his congregants – he asked married couples to have 7 straight days of sex. Sound interesting? Now, he’s re-introducing this topic of s-e-x again by staging his bed on top of his church’s rooftop – and there he is with his wife – on their bed.

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Konnect Magazine’s Top 5 Articles of 2011 (By Moses Yoon)

(By Moses Yoon) What a year it has been. 

Firstly, I want to thank you for your support this year – either subscribing to Konnect Magazine via the email distribution process and/or via Konnect Magazine’s Facebook fan page. I hope that you enjoyed some of the articles that were published by me and/or by the guest contributors. 

Looking back, there was one meaningful aspect of Konnect Magazine that made it all worth while – meeting so many people through Konnect Magazine. Without Konnect Magazine, I would not have been able to meet so many fascinating Korean people all around the country.  Their stories and features were inspiring for me personally. Also, without Konnect Magazine, I would not have been able to re-connect with some old friends whom I’ve lost contact with. So, with that, thank you to all those I connected with this past year – it was such a pleasure interacting with many of you. You know who you are… [Read more...]

My Dream Man – He Isn’t Real – is He? (By Anonymous Woman)

(By Anonymous Woman) We dance, waltzing, in the moonlight, candles our only light, and become entranced in each other and the music styling of Frank Sinatra. He wears a suit everywhere. He opens the door for every lady he sees. He carries all heavy boxes. He gives up every seat for the elderly. He has reached great success. Is always five to ten minutes early. On weekends, he reads and spends time taking care of others. This is the dream that I have in my head. This is the man I dream of marrying someday.

I dream of a man who most likely does not exist. I dream more of a man who may have existed in the 1930s or 1940s. Although, logically, this type of man may also have insisted that I stay at home barefoot and pregnant. In my romantic head, the lack of logic is irrelevant. The dream persists. The ideal of who I want continues. And if I continue, I may never dance with the real possibilities.

I have been warned repeatedly in the past that if I continue my unrealistic and ridiculously picky ways, I may end up alone. I have dated men in the past who in some ways fit my criteria. But, there was always something. Something missing. Not enough commitment. Not enough respect for me. Not responsible enough. Something! After dating each one, my standards only increased. The only standard that I have loosened is physical – I can now accept someone shorter than 6 foot and who doesn’t have a completely developed six pack. Great progress, right? [Read more...]

I Need to get Married Now: My Hunt for a Wife (By Anonymous Man)

(An anonymous Korean male asked if he could submit an article based upon an article he read on Konnect Magazine about a woman’s attempt to hunt for a husband. Konnect Magazine has agreed to this request.)

(By Anonymous Man) I am a second generation Korean-American man in his 40s and single.  All of my peers are married with multiple children, one even with a 19 year old son!  I feel old.  I feel like a freak.  I feel distraught and hopeless at times, thinking that it is game over for me.  It’s even harder when you’re Korean.  Eastern culture has no category for “single and in your 40s”.  In fact, there is a proverb that says, “The hell of your husband is better than the paradise of your father”, meaning that it is better to be married to an abusive man than not to be married at all.  At least you can say that you’re married!

The truth is that marriage is always a possibility. There is no statute of limitations on when one can get married.  I recently went to a wedding where the bride was 69 and the groom was 93. The groom was so frail that the couple had to sit down before the minister as he officiated!  The problem, however, is not getting married but not being able to have children since most likely I would marry someone my age.  Even if I do marry someone younger, I would end up being one of those old fathers, someone in his 50s with a child in elementary school.  I met one of these men recently.  As he was clumsily holding his new baby like a watermelon, he acknowledged with a smile that having a new baby is not something age-appropriate for him.  He dearly loves his new son of course but remarked that it would have been better if he were raising children in his younger years. [Read more...]

I Need to get Married Now: My Hunt for a Husband (By Anonymous Woman)

(By Anonymous Woman) I’m at the age where finding a husband has become a focus, sometimes, an obsession. I have created a timeline in my head of when I need to be married, and I’m getting closer to the deadline every day. I have coined a term “bride prime” to explain this to other people.  I believe that the time that a woman is in her prime to get married is between 25 and 29. I’m currently in the earlier part of “bride prime.” When I am with my friends, I often project the following: “If I date my husband for a year, and have an engagement of six months, the earliest I can get married is when I’m 28, and that’s if I meet him tomorrow.” Well, I haven’t met him on any of these tomorrows; and the “wedding date” of my non-existent wedding (or even prospective husband) are moving farther and farther away.

As a result of my fear of getting married out of my “bride prime,” I have begun doing something else that I coined a term for: “husband hunting.” As a woman ages, particularly a professional woman, most of us begin to think of finding a husband as a very strategic hunt. We wear specific clothes, but instead of camouflage, we wear a dress and heels. We create a call to attract men, but instead of blowing on a duck whistle, we say cute and flirtatious things. We go where we know the best hunting grounds are, but instead of a forest, we go to a bar, a church, or an online dating site. Either way, it’s a hunt, literally. When you’re young, it’s about finding someone cute and fun. When you’re older, it’s about finding a man who is financially stable and who will remember to pick up the kids from school. [Read more...]

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