September 16, 2014

A Father and Son Moment – One that I will Cherish Forever (By Moses Yoon)

(By Moses Yoon) This past weekend was a special one, as I had the priviledge and responsibility in taking care of our son for an extended period of time by myself. I knew that these moments were rare indeed, and I needed to make the most of father time with the son – it was a time to bond, a time to live life together – just him and me.

So, during the weekend, my son and I played basketball at a local health club, ate chicken fingers and fries, went to the zoo (did a whole bunch of things at the zoo), watched Lion King – Toy Story 3 – Bugs Life on DVD, went to church together, played baseball in the basement with plastic golf balls and a plastic toy golf club, played with toy food in his play kitchen, and more. It was filled with one activity to another – some great father and son time.

It was during dinner time when I opened my eyes a bit. With all the chaos that goes with entertaining a 2 year old,  my son began eating his dinner, quietly for some reason. No fuss, no standing on the chair, no talking, no spilling food on the table, no nothing. Just eating. The only sound in the house was his fork touching the plastic plate and the plastic cup hitting the table. [Read more...]

“Show some respect, use both hands!” – A lesson on how two hands are better than one (By Moses Yoon)

(By Moses Yoon) When I was a young boy, I noticed a familiar pattern of a simple gesture that I noticed between Korean adults – when a younger adult gave something to an older adult, the younger would give the object to the elder with two hands instead of one.

I always thought this simple gesture to be quite un-necessary when I was younger. Why give an object to another person with two hands instead of one?

First of all, it’s just way easier to lift one’s hand and give an object to somebody else, right? The act of holding an object with two hands and giving the object to somebody else seemed a little too inconvenient, a waste of energy – not to mention how awkward it is to offer something to somebody with two hands.

Do you know what I’m talking about here or am I the only one who noticed this?

I also determined that giving something to somebody with two hands who is older than you was a sign of respect to the recipient of the object. But for me, I was too Americanized to even want to follow this seemingly Koreanesque gesture. I didn’t really care for it to be honest. When I gave something to somebody, whether younger or older, I’d simply hand it over with one hand. No big deal. [Read more...]

(Video 2) – 3 Benefits of Going to a Korean Bath House (Jjimjibang) (By Moses Yoon)

(By Moses Yoon)Ah, the all-famous Korean bath house/sauna (also known as Jjimjibang). Mention this to some Korean Americans who are not used to Korean sauna, watch their reaction. Basically, they don’t want to join you at the Korean sauna. Who would want to see you buck naked?

The problem is that there are a few misconceptions about the sauna experience. Personally, I’ve never been to one, but I hope to visit one soon. I’ve been reading a lot about the sauna. The problem is that none of my Korean American friends want to join me.  When I asked some of my small group friends from church, they looked at me as if I was from another galaxy. If I went by myself, it would feel as though I’m going to the movie theater by myself, and who wants to admit that one went to a movie theater by himself?

And the buck naked issue. Who cares? Nobody is really staring and everybody has the same stuff. Everybody is naked – people will stare if you are NOT naked. Here is a video we created on what it’s like for some people going to a sauna. Is this how you would react to going to a Korean sauna?

Anybody want to join me and go to a Korean sauna together? Here is a very honest, humorous article that I read about the Korean sauna from an American person’s perspective. It’s a fun read. Check out our video above that we created! [Read more...]

3 Simple Reasons Why Korean Women Should Re-Consider Buying a Louis Vuitton Bag

(By Moses Yoon) When I was a little Korean kid going to a Korean church, I remembered something very clearly – “That is one ugly looking bag.” I noticed that a whole bunch (nearly all) of ahjimahs from the church had these awful looking bags. I wasn’t into bags or anything really back then. All of the bags looked the same. The Korean ahjimahs seemed to love holding these bags for some odd reason. I related these bags to old Korean ahjimahs. (Please disregard this article if you actually own this bag. I hope you understand – really!)

Fast forward to 2011. Holy cow! Young Korean women in their 20s and 30s have them too! After college, I noticed these same looking bags from when I remembered in the 1980s! Doesn’t fashion change from decade to decade? Apparently not. But, man, they STILL look uuuuugly!

Here are 3 simple reasons why Korean women (young and old) should re-consider buying a Louis Vuitton bag: [Read more...]

My Guarantee on how You can One Day to be as Wealthy as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

(By Moses Yoon) Mark Zuckerburg, on paper, is worth 13.5 billion dollars. According to Forbes magazine, he is one of the wealthiest persons on planet earth under 30 years old. We all know him as the boy wonder, Harvard dropout, founder and CEO of Facebook – the 800-pound social network website.

You probably clicked on this story to find my secret to how in the world I can guarantee such a claim – that you can one day be as rich as Mark Zuckerberg. If so, please read on.

I believe that many people strive to be wealthy – some people have a goal in life to make over an annual six figure salary in their lifetime. For them, they’d consider themselves wealthy if they see anything over $100,000 on their offer letter of employment.

Others consider themselves wealthy if they have over $1,000,000 in net assets – the total value of their home, retirement account, stocks and bond holdings, and other savings in their accounts. People who have anything over $1,000,000 in assets may consider themselves as wealthy.

Many of us have plans to build up savings and retirement. Nothing really wrong with this in and of itself. It’s actually a good thing to save, get rid of debt, donate, and spend. [Read more...]