September 30, 2014

The 2012 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival is Upon Us (November 7 – 17)

Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

This Fall, the 5th Annual Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (PAAFF) presented by HBO proudly celebrates its fifth anniversary in bringing quality Asian American cinema to the greater Philadelphia Area. PAAFF’12 will kick-off with a free Launch Night event on Friday, October 26st, at 7pm at the Prince Music Theater Black Box (1412 Chestnut Street). The Festival will proceed on November 7 – 17th at two venues: the Ibrahim Theater at the International House (3701 Chestnut Street) and the Asian Arts Initiative (1219 Vine Street).

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Konnect Magazine Sponsors “House of Suh” for the 2010 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival 2010

(By Moses Yoon) I’ve always been inspired by people who love what they do – whether it be teachers, artists, doctors, pastors, etc. There is something the drives them for the long haul. What is more remarkable are people who “work” – yet, they actually don’t feel like they are working. Aren’t you at times envious that people love what they do for a living that they don’t consider it work?

That’s how I view my long time high school buddy, Joe Kim. I remember the many Saturday nights when I’d pick him up at his house to watch movies at the 309 Cinema near Montgomeryville, Pa (Anybody who used to watch movies there, well, it’s like a ghost town there now). We loved watching movies together. He was my movie buddy – him and me. No joke. I think that is when he developed a big heart for movies and the entertainment industry. In fact, he went to Temple to study film. Now, he and a group of other film enthusiasts are launching their 3rd annual Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival on October 21st to 24th, 2010. [Read more...]

Why We Launched the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

"That is why Asian American films are so important. If we can’t get cast in films that will show an accurate reflection of who we are as a people, then we need to create those roles and those films. And just as importantly, we need to watch and support them and make sure that others do as well. Otherwise our children will face the same things we face, and I’m not letting that happen." Photo by

(By Joe Kim) As an independent filmmaker, with no features to my name, yet, starting up a film festival was the furthest thing from my mind. I’m not a businessman, at least not in the traditional sense, and as a filmmaker, I have the drive to create, not necessarily promote other people’s work full time. But after working as the Media Director for David Oh, a candidate for Philadelphia City Council (who lost by 122 votes in 2007), starting up the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival was an idea that I couldn’t shake. 

Why an Asian American film festival? It’s not a new idea; the first version started in New York in 1978, the year I was born, and there are more then a dozen throughout the country. [Read more...]