September 22, 2014

(Video 1) – 3 Reasons Why Asian Men Should Clean the House (By Moses Yoon)

(By Moses Yoon) Before reading this article, take a brief moment to view the Konnect Magazine animated video on how NOT to respond with your Korean wife when she asks you to clean the house. The video may reflect the general attitude of Korean men and their role in the home. To all Korean men with a wife and/or family, are you helping around in the house? Do it, and your marriage will live!

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Satisfaction Deferred – Our Korean Parents and the Pettiness of our Modern Complaining (By Paul Lee)

(By Paul Lee) It is the summer time.  The weather is the warmer, sleeves and skirts the shorter, and offices increasingly the unbearable.  For me, office days are limited as I will be relinquishing the cubicle for the library to begin my candidacy for a juris doctorate at Brooklyn Law School this August.  The reality hasn’t quite hit me yet, but I’m trying my best to have fun, relax, reflect on how I got here, and conceptualize where I’d like to be in a few years.

For starters, I really thought I was going to be in law school a bit earlier. I thought I’d enroll at a higher ranked school.  I didn’t think I’d have a string of various entry level jobs littering my resume at 26.  I didn’t think the only real marketable skills I would have four years out of college would be masterful fluency in elementary, conversational Korean and being marginally proficient in Microsoft Office.  For undergrad, I thought I’d be at Columbia, not NYU.  I thought I’d have a 3.8, not a 3.2.  I thought a lot of things and projected the future version of myself to be much more elevated than where I am today.  Sad.

If any solace is to be found in my continuing level of mediocrity through my mid-20s, it is that many of my 20-something peers have been following somewhat of a similar path.  Robin Henig of the NYTimes wrote an article in August 2010 whose title depicted our generation pretty well, “What Is It About 20-Somethings?” Henig characterizes the reason for such an article to be written in multitudinous fashion including this idea from Jeff Arnett, a psychology professor, who believes that:
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3 Simple Reasons Why Korean Women Should Re-Consider Buying a Louis Vuitton Bag

(By Moses Yoon) When I was a little Korean kid going to a Korean church, I remembered something very clearly – “That is one ugly looking bag.” I noticed that a whole bunch (nearly all) of ahjimahs from the church had these awful looking bags. I wasn’t into bags or anything really back then. All of the bags looked the same. The Korean ahjimahs seemed to love holding these bags for some odd reason. I related these bags to old Korean ahjimahs. (Please disregard this article if you actually own this bag. I hope you understand – really!)

Fast forward to 2011. Holy cow! Young Korean women in their 20s and 30s have them too! After college, I noticed these same looking bags from when I remembered in the 1980s! Doesn’t fashion change from decade to decade? Apparently not. But, man, they STILL look uuuuugly!

Here are 3 simple reasons why Korean women (young and old) should re-consider buying a Louis Vuitton bag: [Read more...]

Thoughts of my Tiger Dad – by Paul Lee

(By Paul Lee) Growing up as a Korean boy, I had a full set of immediate family members: a mother, a father and a younger brother. Someone to feed me, discipline me and force to play Monopoly with. Someone to be angry at, with and for. Someone to be happy at, with and for. Someone to grow up with and eventually for.

During my Long Island high school days, I played sports and was involved in the activities that typical overachieving Asian Americans tend to be a part of in hopes of top tier admissions letters. As the eldest son of a Tiger Mom, [Read more...]

Hines Ward: Erase the Race – by David Kim

(By David Kim) After winning the Super Bowl MVP in 2006, NFL superstar Hines Ward jumped to international fame. His performance in one of the world’s biggest stage was heard all around the world, and even reached to a country where nobody even knows much about American football. A country that also served as his upbringing and roots, South Korea.

Just by looking at Hines Ward, one may never know that he is half Korean. Ward was born to a Korean mother and a black father. His father wasn’t around much during his childhood, so his Korean mother raised him mostly by herself. Before the Super Bowl, Ward never associated himself much with being half Korean or anything about the Korean culture. He just seemed like the typical black athlete. [Read more...]