October 2, 2014

Konnect Magazine Interviews Philadelphia Orchestra Concert Master David Kim

(By Moses Yoon and David Kim) Konnect Magazine had the privilege of interviewing Philadelphia Orchestra concert master David Kim. He is an incredible violinist and a product of Philadelphia. To view his wonderful talents, please view the embedded video!

Q: At what point in your early life did you realize that you were going to make music your career?
I started playing the violin when I was 3 years old.  But I really made my decision to make violin my life when I was 8.  That’s when I began studies with the teacher whom I would end up staying with through and beyond graduate school – Dorothy DeLay. “Miss DeLay” produced some of the greatest violinists of our lifetime including Midori, Gil Shaham, and Sarah Chang.

Q: How many hours a day are you practicing your violin?
Most days, I have at least 2.5 hours of rehearsal with my orchestra, not to mention an evening concert.  On top of that, I may do another 1 to 2 hours.  In terms of non-orchestral practice, it is very erratic.  If I have a big solo appearance to prepare for or a large symphony to learn, I can practice up to 4 hours or so.  But if I am on vacation, I can go a few days without touching the instrument.
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Saving Thomas Music Video – “Symphony” – Check ‘em Out at JAMA 2011

Photo by Jaeson Han

Take a quick view of Saving Thomas’ new music video – “Symphony”. I’m lovin’ it. Share it with your friends!

Ponder this: How come Koreans don’t have White or Black Friends?

(By Moses Yoon) If you read the title, you may or may not agree with this blanket statement. However, there may be some truth to this question that I’m introducing here. This question was in my mind after reading Pastor Tim Haah’s feature in November 2010. He asked the question of why Korean Americans have a difficult time achieving upper management positions in Corporate America. His reasoning was that Korean Americans may be having a challenging time inter-relating with non-Korean people from a cultural and professional perspective [Read more...]

Why do People Bring their Smartphone into the Bathroom?

(By Moses Yoon) The bathroom is a place of sanctuary. A place where nobody can talk to you, where silence is golden, where children can’t find you, where the spouse can’t ask you to clean the house and where you can get a moment of rest from the chaos of the entire world. The bathroom is your hiding place, an area where no one can bother you.

I love going to the bathroom at work. When I’m stressed, people are asking and demanding me to deliver this and that, the phone is ringing of the hook, and emails are piercing my eyes, I head to the bathroom where I am alone. Nobody will find me. Nobody can. [Read more...]

Get to Know Dr. Michael Oh: JAMA 2011 Philadelphia General Speaker

(A question and answer session was held with Dr. Michael Oh, one of a group of general session speakers who will present at the 2011 JAMA Conference in Philadelphia, PA in July)

Q: What is your full name, church name (organization name), and location of where you currently reside?

Michael Young Suk Oh
President CBI Japan
Nagoya, JAPAN

Q: What topic will you be speaking about during the JAMA conference?

Come be a Nobody for Christ [Read more...]