September 20, 2014

Konnect Magazine Interviews Pittsburgh Steelers’ Hines Ward

Hines Ward(A sincere thanks to the following people who allowed this special question and answer session to happen with Mr. Hines Ward: Carole W, Janet M, and Andrew R. Also, a special thanks to David Kim and Johan Hong for their support  as always.)

Out of the many organizations that you could have chosen to partner with for philanthropy, what are some of the key reasons why you chose Pearl S Buck International for your philanthropic work?

I chose Pearl Buck because I got a chance to meet the biracial children there on my first visit to Korea back in 2006.  Pearl Buck is the leading organization that works with biracial kids. When I visited there, I fell in love with the kids and immediately wanted to do all that I could to help them.

Can you share some of your experiences or thoughts of your involvement with the inter-racial children you encountered during a Pearl S Buck event?
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Korean Entrepreneur Featuring So-Young Kang – The Awaken Group

Q: What is your full name?

So-Young Kang

Q: What schools did you graduate from and can you provide some work experience?

I have an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA dual degree with honors in International Relations and East Asian studies from University of Pennsylvania with a minor in Music Theory.

My experience in leading cultural transformations, coaching, training and maximizing performance of organizations began nearly 15 years ago, starting from my experiences as a change agent at Citibank to my most recent experiences at McKinsey where I was a global expert in designing and implementing value-based performance management systems through cultural transformation and executive coaching.

My international experiences include advising leaders in over fifty client situations across the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East as an expert on topics such as performance management, cultural transformation, top team engagement, KPI development, and strategic planning.

Professionally, I started my working career in Japan working for Chiba Convention Bureau, then worked for Citigroup in various roles, and worked for McKinsey & Consulting from the West Coast Office serving High Tech, Media and Telecom clients -was at McKinsey until I founded The Awaken Group. [Read more...]

Julie Yoon: My Delicious Journey to the Web

(By Julie Yoon) I never thought I’d be someone on youtube, but here I am today, making videos and teaching others to cook.  I started cooking when I was in elementary school because my older sister would make me play “restaurant” with her.  She’d be the customer, and I would have to cook whatever she wanted, whether it was ramen, spaghetti-o’s, or Kraft macaroni and cheese.  Funny – we never took turns being the customer.

Years later, I found myself to be a dissatisfied and grumpy young adult, constantly hopping from job to job.  I was working as a fashion designer, but kept moving back and forth from Pennsylvania to New York, and quitting jobs like a psycho.  I just figured that I wasn’t happy with the city I was living in, or the company.  Never once did I possibly think that I was in the wrong industry.  I’d come home miserable and stressed out everyday, and my only solace would be watching the Food Network.

One day, my sister told me about an open house at the French Culinary Institute in New York City, and asked me if I wanted to go check it out with her. It was there that we watched a demo given by a chef who said she used to be in fashion design, but was unhappy, so she eventually decided to become a chef instead!  I was hooked.   [Read more...]

Korean Crime Fighter: Special Victims Unit Assistant District Attorney Pearl Kim

(By Pearl Kim) Look around you. Conservative estimates report that one out of every eight women will be raped in their lifetime; the FBI reports the reality of rape is much closer to one in three. These numbers are not inclusive of the sexual violence where women are coerced, forced or manipulated into other forms of unwanted sexual activity. And what may be more unsettling than these figures is that the majority of rapists are not deviant sexual offenders but our friends, family members, coworkers, and members of our Church congregations. The myth that rapists are strangers waiting in bushes to attack is purely a societal ploy to deflect responsibility of these heinous crimes to “others” rather than the more numerous perpetrators who surround us.

The Department of Justice reports that “Asians were the least likely to experience serious violence,” but we all know that can’t be true. It appears their sources of data are not correctly reflecting the harm committed upon Asians within our own community. [Read more...]

A Leader, a Visionary, an Inspiration – The Tim Haahs Story

Tim knows about adversity.  He’s survived two heart transplants.  After the first, Tim found his mission in life and started his own architectural and engineering firm to help those in need through the best of his God given talents and abilities. He overcame a failing heart, two transplants, financial devastation after surpassing the one million dollar maximum limit of his health coverage and losing all of his assets, a difficult physical and emotional recovery, and the challenge of starting his own business with virtually no backing.  Tim works to stay two steps ahead, always thinking of ways to improve his company, the parking industry, while maintaining a focus on a mission to help others. This has served him well, and so has his meticulous, analytical eye and willingness to accept nothing less than the absolute best from his employees, and himself. Tim’s employees know they have very high expectations to live up to, but they are inspired, motivated, encouraged and very willing to work to Tim’s standards. [Read more...]