September 17, 2014

What is Up with Non-Asians Thinking that Korean Women are Meek and Subservient? (By Teresa Armor)

(By Teresa Armor) In talking with many of my Asian and Korean girlfriends, we always exchange interesting anecdotes about our daily lives. There are the typical bits about one of us being stopped by strangers asking “Do we know So-n-So?” because this other So-n-So also happens to be of some non-descript Asian variety. But this doesn’t happen too often, at least not to me, at least not any more. I will admit that there are times when even I have a hard time telling us Asians apart. But that’s only after I’ve imbibed one too many, in a poorly lit room, without my glasses. Yes, it happens, but we tend to just laugh it off and get to tale spinning about other salacious ordeals.

Sometimes we share more sordid occurrences. Like the time a co-worker of mine thought it would be ok to caress my hair (at that time it was very long!) without my knowledge or consent. And then, when found out, tried to divert my attention with a story about beaver fur. I dreaded the possible connections! If you’re thinking the co-worker was a man you’re wrong, it was a woman. I don’t think she intended to be as creepy as she was, even considering her story about beaver fur, but I do know she didn’t want me to realize that she was infringing upon me and my hair’s personal boundaries. [Read more...]