September 18, 2014

Jeremy Lin has Knee Surgery – Read his Facebook Question and Answer Session with Fans

New York Knicks Jeremy Lin knee surgery facebook q and a

Source: Jeremy Lin Facebook fan page


No more Jeremy Lin. No more watching of New York Knick games. I suddenly feel like I have so much time on my hands. If you haven’t heard, Jeremy the Great is injured and most likely out for more than 6 or so weeks. There is some sense that he may or may not make the beginning of the NBA playoffs – if the Knicks can hold on to the final spots of the Eastern Conference.

He recently had surgery to repair his knee, yet reached out to his fans to do a Q and A. Take a look at some of the questions below and see how Jeremy Lin responds. Another reason to follow this Asian American basketball player.

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Jeremy Lin and Laundry Fields both Explain their Secret Handshake

A post was created here before on Konnect Magazine on the secret handshake between Jeremy Lin and Laundry Fields. It’s not a secret anymore as there have been countless articles written by others explaining the handshake.

Now, here’s the explanation of their handshake explained to all of us by Jeremy Lin and Laundry Fields themselves! Pretty neat to see them explaining this pre-game ritual.

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The Biggest, Youngest Fan Ever of the Great Jeremy Lin – his Parents must be so Proud


If you are a fan of the New York Knicks Jeremy Lin, you’ll certainly enjoy this cute video of a Korean boy living the dream. If you are a parent with a child/children and you’re a Jeremy Lin fanatic, you’ll most certainly enjoy this video. Perhaps you too can dream that your boy will one day be the next Jeremy Lin.

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Jeremy Lin’s agent, Roger Montgomery, is also Linsanity – the Meteoric Rise of an Unknown Agent

Roger Montgomery

Jennifer Whitney for The New York Times

Talk about representing a no namer like Jeremy Lin at the right place, the right time. This is the story of Roger Montgomery, Jeremy Lin’s sports agent. The world is noticing Linsanity’s legitimacy in the NBA, but it is Roger Montgomery who is also making a huge splash in the eyes of sports agents around the world – a lincredible story. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

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New York Knicks Guard Jeremy Lin Wears Faith on Wrist

Jeremy Lin jumps.

Jeremy Lin dunks.

Jeremy Lin steals.

Jeremy Lin passes.

Jeremy Lin scores.

Jeremy Lin turns over (eek!)

Jeremy Lin also does something else: he pumps – pumps his hands in the air.

If you looked closely at your television set or on the screen of your computer during a game, notice the wristband that he has on. You’ll notice a bright colored wristband on his right wrist. Next time you watch Linsanity on the courts, take a look.

Take a look at the wrist of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin and you may see something you haven’t before. Lin is sporting wristbands from Active Faith, an apparel company started by former professional basketball player Lanny Smith and Minnesota Timberwolves forward Anthony Tolliver.

The only other place items can be purchased is at, which was re-launched this weekend, and contact can be made via Twitter @Active_Faith. In Jesus Name I Play bands, like the ones Lin wears, can be purchased for $3. Among other items for sale: CrossFit shirts are $26, women’s yoga tights are $30 and hoodies are $45.

Lin was on board with wearing the brand before his newfound stardom. He has led the Knicks to eight wins in the past nine games. A former D-League teammate, Patrick Ewing Jr., introduced him to Active Faith. Source: USA Today

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